MAXIMO BIRT Report Generator

If you guys want to easily develop some BIRT reports, then this plugin is for you.  This tool/utility has been brought to my attention by Christian (Thanks!) and it looks very promising!  Here is a brief description of the plugin:

Code generator for IBM Maximo Report Developer

MAYR-MELNHOF Karton Gesellschaft mbH and CoSMIT GmbH jointly developed a code generator as Eclipse plugin. This generator substantially accelerates the generation of BIRT reports for IBM-Maximo. The dataset for a report can be generated automatically with a wizard featured in the plugin.

Below you will find a brief description of the code generator’s function: After starting the wizard, the report name and a template are stated in the input mask. Afterwards, the query can be generated in the graphic SQL editor. Now the generator automatically generates the open & fetch methods as well as the output columns of the dataset.

You can download the code generator free of charge. The plugin is open source. Support is available from the CoSMIT team via the specially set up Maximo forum.

The link to the download can be found here.  Download it and thank Christian for making all of our lives easier!

BTW @Christian, do you guys have a Maximo forum in English?

  • jharper

    is this still available and working for vers 7.5?

  • Ishearami

    Hi guys.. I’m still using Maximo 4i & is there any possibilities i can used this BIRT Report Generator to generate reports? If not, is there any other suggestion or other tools that i can used? Appreciate your help. TQ