What is the ‘additionalevent’ attribute?

Maximo Mobile Inspections

The ‘additionalevent’ and ‘additionaleventvalue’ are attributes that you can use to tell Maximo what event to call and what are the parameter to pass to that event.  For example, you can automatically load the workorder tracking application just by click on a hyperlink that is formatted as such:


As you can see the attributes ‘event’ and ‘value’.  This tells Maximo to run the ‘loadapp’ event and application we want to load is ‘wotrack’.  You can also pass in username and password as well to automatically sign in the user and go directly to that app.

Well ‘additionalevent’ and ‘additionaleventvalue’ are some attributes that you can use to do more.  You can add these attributes to the URL like this:


This URL will load the WOTRACK app and pass in an addition event called the ‘sqlwhere’ where we pass in as the additional value the WHERE clause we want to use.  In this case it’s a URL encoded value that equates to ‘reportedby=:USER’.  This will automatically search for all the workorders that are reported by the current user.  IBM also has shown how to use ‘additionaleven’ attribute within Maximo when you create a hyperlink that you can put within any application in the application designer.